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Facebook Chat Emoticons

Facebook has been labelled the most popular social networking site today. You hardly met someone that is not on Facebook. People from all ages - young and old have Facebook accounts. This is because Facebook has made a new platform for people to reach out to friends and relatives even from far places. It allows them to see updates from people: updates on what people doing or what they have been up to lately.

One of the best features that makes Facebook the most popular website is the chat box feature. Some networking website don’t have this feature and that is what makes people choose Facebook above all other sites aside from the fact that Facebook also allows them to post pictures. One of the most used characters in the Facebook chat feature are the Facebook emoticons.

When you are chatting with a friend or a relative, there are times when you want to joke around. Of course, when you joke, you can’t add in the words like, “do not mind, I’m just joking”, at the same time. The joke would not come out like a real joke if you verbalized it. But somehow, Facebook has addressed this concern of many people and they have invented Facebook emoticons. These are emoticons that allow you to express what you’re feeling even without saying a word. Emoticons just add extra excitement and fun to your chatting experience with your family or a close friend whom you just got reconnected after many years.

Even though you can tell many things with words, there are also those times where you seem to run out of words and the conversation becomes boring. For times like this, the use of emoticons is quite helpful. Emoticons and smileys can add extra personality to the message you send and can add extra humor too. When the conversation becomes boring, there is only one way to make it interesting again - add some humor. However, you just can add humor easily without the risk of getting the conversation into a nonsense topic. But with emoticons, you can be sure that even serious topics can be turned into a light one. There are many different emoticons that you can use and every emoticon has a different meaning. Some may mean that you are happy, sad or even just joking around.

How to add Facebook emoticons

Facebook emoticons are another language that expresses different meanings. People love to use emoticons because you can do it with shortcut methods. You just have to press certain keys and you can make emoticons that will make your chatting experience more interesting and enjoyable. Because it can be done through shortcuts, you can be sure that you can save a lot of time doing it rather than typing many words that mean the same thing words.